Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pandering: A New Definition There Of

Hello Sarah Palin, and eventually, goodbye to some political adviser who just ruined their career by recommending that Mrs. Palin should be the GOP running mate.

That's enough up there pretty much, bet a second rhetorical is so much more fun. What's it gonna be America? Vote against the Black Man or the White Woman? Is that how this will be decided? Who's just not going to show up on election day? I can see it now...

At least I can give it to McCain for being bold, though in a rather insincere way. I can truly say that I have no goddamn clue as to what's going to happen this November. It's tantalizing and scary really, my fingers are crossed.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fuck a Dude That...

Fuck a dude who's so drunk at 12 A.M. on a Friday night that he stops his Jeep Cheroke at the intersection of First Ave. and 5th street, stumbles out (barely), with door open begins pissing in the street, when car approaches and stops next to man all he does is point like he's scoring a touch-down, then gets back in his truck and peels out across First Ave almost hitting a car who's turning left, then has to screech to a halt at the end of the block to not hit (again) the car ahead of him parked at the red light.

Fuck that dude.

Joe Biden and a Semester Wasting

I just sat through the first day of classes today, and through all the first day stupid questions and all that shit (aside: they managed to register for classes and or to be accepted to school and they're asking that question!?), we also went over the whole plagiarism thing for all four of my classes. That got me thinking about Senator Joe Biden and his recent ascension to VP Candidate and something that I read today, I think.

I never knew this, but Biden ran for President in 1988. And I definitely didn't know that he exited the race after he was called out for multiple proven cases of plagiarism. Further reading here (full disclosure: I haven't read that article yet). So just when is McCain going to pounce on this? And when is the rest of the media barring Slate going to remind the general public of this? The true essence of Obamamania will be put to the test with the latter question. And the question remains, as posed in the first article; how much does it still matter? While I'd love to know, it won't affect my vote.

As a final thought for the other posters on this blog, myself included, let's not go another month neglecting our little blog baby. Summer is pretty much over, so there's gonna be plenty of hate to go around. I just hope us people are still even checking this thing. Love, where you at (in general and in life too, call me!)?

Edit: I went back and read the second article that I'd linked to and it noted far more egregious acts of plagiarism on Biden's part. It seems to have started in college. I've never ever understood those that can blatantly lie about themselves, especially when aspects of it can easily be dis-proven, as in Bidens' case. Whether it represents insecurity regarding said liar, or simply an attitude of "by any means necessary," both are rather telling.

As stated, I like(d?) Biden. He's real enough to escape the simple tag of typical politician and maybe unscrupulous enough to regain that tag. As long as a departure from our current shitty path is something that the Dems will continue to stick to, I'm still voting Obama this fall. Running mates don't matter anyways, right?