Monday, June 30, 2008

HPC certified: Public Passion

A plug for this other blog-o-mine, or better yet, one that I just started and invited half of the HPC to already. Public Passion. Cha'll know what to do. The amazingness above was in Union Square; a handjob for sure at one point, and someone mentioned they just might have been having sexual intercourse. Cho-ass? You decide. Um, ignore the fact that PP and HPC have the same layout. Ok? Cool.

Friday, June 20, 2008


I'm currently reading a book about the medieval crusades and I have to say how frustrating it is. "It" being the fact that there have been physical and intellectual battles about faith and more specifically religion for thousands of years. The current world climate is a testament to the fact that people are crazy and these battles will never end. Look at what this kook of a "science" teacher did to a student. He should have no opportunity to challenge the ruling.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

One Proper Hater: Chris Hitchens

Our boy Chris Hitchens is down to call bullshit bullshit, and hate on things with such eloquence that all haters should take note. Point in case, in a past HPC post I talked about Hillary Clinton and how she got the short end of the stick on things in the presidential race. Well, Hitchens sets the record straight. Word.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

omg fuck off lol

fuck you you fucking pop punk loving, stupid hair having, completely unfuckingcool douches. you fucking poser hipsters. thats right. the shit you are trying to get into isn't even fucking cool. you're riding trends that have been played the fuck out since 05. just because you soldmerchthatonetime for that local band don't mean shit. just cause you went to a store opening and drank all the free fucking pbr you could then came to the triple rock only to stumble around like a fucking 16 year old who has had one too many wine coolers doesnt give you any clout.

first off that store you went to: its wack. how the fuck are you gonna sell some deadstock reebok pumps on a shelf right next to some overpriced track bike cages. Something seems a little off. Oh ya, and that dope event after, you know at the 3 rock, with the dope djs? ya that was some motherfuckers piggy backing an already established event. that dude you probly think is your friendbutinrealitydoesntrememberyourname who "runs" the shop did not set that shit up. he's just trying to dig his claws into whatever he can. and im not talking about some collaboration shit here. straight up copping steez. that dude can suck a dick. and so can you. make it his... wait, that already happened.

now lets talk about that band you're friends with. let me tell you something... they fucking suck. ya i know i know, they just got signed to insertindieimprintwithmajorlabelbackinghere, but that in itself is pretty lame. they are gonna get chewed up and spit out faster than one of the underage girls at your "parties". and i'll tell you why. they are copping shit that the people who originally came up with have moved so far beyond. they are ripping off bands who rip off bands.
let me tell you something, i don't care that you are "friends" that band. i don't care about the time you went to wendys with them and paid for all of it. i dont care that they took you on tour and you loaded all their gear for them at every show. they made you their bitch, cause that is what you are... a bitch.

and do me a favor, when you're telling all your friends about this siiiick party you went to, please dont tell them you were the king of the dance floor. i saw you. when you weren't outside smokingbutnotinhaling, sure you were on the dance floor, but standing on the outside of a wackasfuck breakdance circle looking like an asshole does not equal dancing.

so in conclusion, fuck off. you are not cool. you are not doing cool shit. you are not into cool shit. you are a fucking clown. stay the fuck inside at your little house parties. you are a embarrassment to our city you fucking douche nozzle.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The triple double tonight will have a triple threat. Watch out fools because we will be hating on you in person. Don't get me wrong...there's a lot of love to go around, but if you aren't in the mix get ready for some haterade in your faceplate.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our News Media Is Great!

Why is it that I can find out what Brad Pitt is spending his money on the day after he does it, but I can't seem to be able to watch the speech Barack Obama gave last night without a fucking headache?

And how, as a major media source, do you cut in a quarter of the way through said speech, to give your two cents on it, and then about an hour later, run a program like TMZ tv. Without interruption?