Monday, November 17, 2008

His Holy Princeness

So I am supposed to be working, but I was getting stressed so I went to one of my favorite websites, Jezebel...and was psyched to get sucked into the following article.  Just do it, click the link!  It's titled "Prince: How Prince Went From "P*ssy Control" To Puritanical Proselytizing" 


and then...

Click HERE.  Now, I'm not a huge Perez Hilton fan, but if people are going to hate on Prince they better get their facts straight.  According to Perez the New Yorker done fucked up.  Read it.

Anyone feel like going to the Front?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I was staying up late this Friday night into Saturday morning and ended up watching This American Life on the TV, but on the internet. The first section, the opening section, was about dudes that ride horses in Philadelphia proper, and I'd found some parallel between that and skateboarding, and wanted to post it on the primary, that being Platinum. The screen shot above is what I'd thought about posting on Plat; what the real meat and potatoes of the episode is fully not Plat worthy.

Simply, plan on hammering out 30 minutes of your day to watch the episode of This American Life that I just watched; Part One, and Part Two, right there at them links. The general theme is escapes, and while skateboarding worked with the horse aspect, I found the second part was completely it's own deal, heck, we love on here too. It's hard to know what else to even type; the second things got going I was rapt and sucked in, you will be too. If you haven't clicked those links yet, just know that they will question your own sense of existence, and raise a whole load of questions beyond that. It's truly amazing, and Ira Glass really has something going. Just watch the clips man.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008