Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The World Is Mad

I work in radio. It happened accidentally, and I like it a lot. There are really great perks (Alpha Rev is playing in-studio today, so there will be catered lunch and a band here playing for a room of like 30 people).

I didn't pick my stations, but for the most part they're cool. There's a station that plays local texas alt country/rock with hipster jams, a rock station, an adult contemporary, a classic rock, a spanish station, and then an AM talk station. Is it a cool talk station you ask, like maybe MPR???

NO. It's AM590 and it features quite a bit of Rush Limbaugh and like-minded cronies. I've dealt with some crazy people calling and somehow getting me on the phone, looking to talk to conspiracy theorists from the station - telling me that Nazi's are currently running the White House. These people are serious too. When the plane crashed into the IRS building when I first moved here there were people calling up (though not many) saying, "that while his actions are wrong, I agree with his principle..." WTF?

So today, I see this on the website:

The KLBJ Poll
"Arizona is cracking down on illegal immigration, should Texas do the same?"
If the question were simply "Should Texas crack down on illegal immigration?"

I don't think I would be too offended, to me that is a pretty fair question. When you add the word "Arizona" to the sentence this week - well you're really asking should Texas pass a law similar to Arizona's which would make it legal (mandatory) for police to question anyone on their legal status.

How people support something like this, I don't understand. I took the poll, and discovered I'm in the 10% minority who thinks that, NO, Texas shouldn't do that. (I should re-iterate that the 10% minorty is on a far-right slanting website). Ugh.