Wednesday, July 22, 2009


And a collective sigh of relief. What this says for the state of the Republican party...

Monday, July 13, 2009

As Poached...

From my favorite visual stimulant on the web:

Ok. So not ALLLLL brides to be are shallow whores (everywhere).
Let's just be real for one fucking second and break this shit down though.

"A brilliant reminder" - like chicks need to be reminded that they're supposed to want to get engaged, have the biggest rock their dude can get his credit-maxed fingers on, and be brides? We haven't been conditioned since birth by our families, advertisers, and mass marketing for this shit, please give me one more BRILLIANT reminder.

"Of what forever looks like" - uhhhhhhhh? 49.95% of custodial mothers/fathers are considered seperated or divorced in the United States. (Want to know something scarier? I got that fact from - second source through google search was - WTF)

Originally this post was going on my other blog, but then I found and got so sparked by their interpretation of facts I had to move the whole damn thing over to HPC. Here's how their brand of crazy breaks down:

"Ratio of Marriages to Divorces 2:1" - ok, duh.

"Population of unmarried women will soon surpass the population of married" - ok, maybe there are more younger women being born, and that women are getting married at older ages, or choosing (gasp) not to get married.


"This indicates a rejection of the Divine Institution of Marriage by the population."
[Ed. Note: Italics are all mine]

"Children living with only one parent has increased from 9% in 1960 to 30% (29.52%) in 2005. Of those 83% of the children live with the mother."

-The results you ask?-
"This is creating a society of bastards."

I'm not sure that they know the meaning of bastard, I'm just going to let that one slide.
Anyway - sort of a rambling post. I just saw that photo this morning, enjoyed it immensly, and thought I'd share (force) my beliefs on all of you. Moral of my story: do whatever you want. Get a huge fucking ring and rock it around town and show everyone how much you love each other. (Or) Don't do that.
Either way - I hope you're the other 50% and you live happily ever after!!!