Thursday, June 17, 2010

What A Tool.

He's from Texas, what a surprise.

Rep. Joe Barton had the nerve, the audacity, the misdirected cajones to apologize to BP about the $20B agreement that was reached yesterday. This tool, who has taken about $100,000 in the past YEAR from oil and gas companies for political contributions has clearly been drinking the kool aid. It's just embarrassing.

These are the elected officials who are running our country. Let's do something about this. I know who I won't be casting my vote for now that I live in the state of Tejas.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The World Is Mad

I work in radio. It happened accidentally, and I like it a lot. There are really great perks (Alpha Rev is playing in-studio today, so there will be catered lunch and a band here playing for a room of like 30 people).

I didn't pick my stations, but for the most part they're cool. There's a station that plays local texas alt country/rock with hipster jams, a rock station, an adult contemporary, a classic rock, a spanish station, and then an AM talk station. Is it a cool talk station you ask, like maybe MPR???

NO. It's AM590 and it features quite a bit of Rush Limbaugh and like-minded cronies. I've dealt with some crazy people calling and somehow getting me on the phone, looking to talk to conspiracy theorists from the station - telling me that Nazi's are currently running the White House. These people are serious too. When the plane crashed into the IRS building when I first moved here there were people calling up (though not many) saying, "that while his actions are wrong, I agree with his principle..." WTF?

So today, I see this on the website:

The KLBJ Poll
"Arizona is cracking down on illegal immigration, should Texas do the same?"
If the question were simply "Should Texas crack down on illegal immigration?"

I don't think I would be too offended, to me that is a pretty fair question. When you add the word "Arizona" to the sentence this week - well you're really asking should Texas pass a law similar to Arizona's which would make it legal (mandatory) for police to question anyone on their legal status.

How people support something like this, I don't understand. I took the poll, and discovered I'm in the 10% minority who thinks that, NO, Texas shouldn't do that. (I should re-iterate that the 10% minorty is on a far-right slanting website). Ugh.

Monday, March 8, 2010

People I Have Nothing In Common With...

I am (of course) a huge proponent for freedom of speech. It is a great right afforded to those of us who are lucky enough to live in the united states (and I do believe we are lucky). I will not posture that I have enough education (specifically legal education pertaining to the Bill of Rights) to make an argument about where the thin line between free speech and hate speech exists...but I would like to share a link and a few images that come across as hate speech to me.

This one makes me laugh, for a few reasons:
1) The answer is NO.
2) It's on a billboard on 35W in Minnesota
3) That picture is ridic
4) A private group of business owners collectively purchased the billboard. They don't have to disclose who they are.
5) The answer is STILL NO.

I don't consider this hateful. I just am scared that people who think that exist, own businesses, have money to spread their objectives/agendas, etc. What really scares me is that I don't think I have the time/patience/money/will power to change their opinions. They are out there trying to get people on their side, should I be doing the same?

This on the other hand. This doesn't make me laugh. This outrages me. No explanation needed.

For more "HateBoards" click the
link (source).
Point is...just trying to remind you guys what we're up against.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It seems now is the time to get your hate on. Political Agenda Style.

Anyone else watch the State of the Union address last night? I know Roomie & I did.

It's time to start calling these ass-clowns in Washington out. I don't care if you're a Republican or a Democrat. Shut the fuck up, sit down, and do something. Why are you in Washington if your only goal is to advance your personal agendas? The fact that Republicans are smug right now makes me sick. What do you have to be smug about? You're attempting to successfully railroad important agendas; like health care reform and the forming of a fiscal task force, and then lead your constituencies (through misinformation) to support your railroading. Good job.

Open letter to Congress:

Dear Senators of the United States of America,

Please, for one moment, be embarrassed. All of you. Be embarrassed for sitting on your hands, for disrespecting this country through your lack of action, and for being power-mongering, self-promoting, pompous individuals. Please, for one moment try to act in a cohesive nature. While Senators need to remain loyal to their constituents, they need to remember that they are not STATE officials. They are NATIONAL officials representing the people. Please work on bringing us together and not dividing us. Please do not be afraid of change. While change for the sake of change is not good; neither is lack of change due to fearing the unknown.

Hopefully, you took a moment to feel embarrassment or some sense of remorse.
Now sit down and get to work please.

Ashley Ryan

Side Note. This HPC post was sparked due to a political text message battle between my father and I. Excerpt:

Dad: Must have been pretty embarrassing watching the collapse of your leftist liberal progressive party the last few weeks huh... [Let's see. He got Leftist, Liberal, Progressive. He forgot socialist & communist]
Me: Uh, I don't think we watch the same news. That's an interesting spin Fox gave you though.
Dad: Sorry honey. That's from your side. You guys are done. I'm serious. The great scam is over. [I'm really not sure what "your side" means. I'm assuming some "lefty news station"]
Dad: It's ok honey. We're more than happy to welcome you back to reality.
Me: Hahaha. Thanks for the offer, but I'll stay where I am. Believing that changing a dysfunctional system is neither scary nor apocalyptic.
Dad: I agree with you completely honey. Every single thing he (Obama) stands for and is trying to do to this country is totally dysfunctional and dangerous to our long term success. I think the country waking up to this and taking back control is great! It's a center right wing country honey. It will never be socialist. [See what he did there. Said we agreed, to trick me! I'm smart though...he was using word play. Also. He managed to fit the word "socialist" in.]

It goes on and on and on and on...I won't bore you with the rest...just to say we finally agreed to agree on the fact that the fiscal irresponsibility of the 4 years prior to Obama taking office was a travesty that neither of us can stomach. Then we said love you. awwww.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No one has to vent anymore?

I'm gonna be real.  Can I?  Oh wait, I'm posting and you can't so I'm gonna whether you are feeling it or not.

Ok...first off.  What?  No one has anything they need to get off their chest anymore?  Did everyone get all happy-go-lucky as last year wound down to a close?  I'm here with some serious positivity and shit, but for real, something's urking me and I'm 'bouts to unload a full clip of hate on you fuckers.

1.  I don't ever, EVER, EVER want to hear the phrase "social media" ever again.  NOT ever.  Not if it was the key to the holy grail.  FUCK "SOCIAL MEDIA".  Just call it facebook for fuck's sake.  Ok, call it facebook AND twitter.  What else is there?  No one is on myspace anymore, and if you are, i'm sorry for you.  (bands are ok still).  Then what else we got?  They're not counting texting, or emailing (the experts that is).'ve got facebook and twitter.  2 things....not 1.  Fuck Social Media.  Fuck it to death.

2.)  Since I'm ranting about a phrase...let's break it down to 2 of my other least favorite words of the last year.  The "r" word and the "e" word. know the ones.  YES YOU DO!.  "Recession" and "Economy" can go ahead and fuck themselves too.  Seriously.  Dear aforementioned words, please suck a dick and fuck yourselves.  Maybe the collective fucktards that make up the mass consuming public would feel a little bit better about buying that 3rd big screen TV for the kitchen breakfast nook if the media wasn't face fucking them with how shitty things are and how it's never gonna end and and and and and and....

maybe.  just maybe.

3.) Also, I hate dropping my keys.  A LOT.  
4.) Taking more than 1 trip.  I.E. carrying groceries from the car to the house...or something like that.  I'd rather struggle, loose my breath carrying 60 lbs up 19 stairs than go down them once more to get that last bag I decided to wait for.  Fuck that.  I hate 2 trips.
5.)  Doors slamming.  MY DOOR slamming.  Everyone knows it slams who's ever been over there.  I've even probably mentioned to everyone 3 or more times as they walked into or out of "don't let the door slam".  Still, it slams.  I'm gonna start going to everyone's house just pop on over unexpected.  Come to the door.  Invite myself in.  Slam the door, then proceed to walk out, slam it again...and go home.  Maybe i'll make it a double header and go to another friend's house.  

who's first?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


and that's about as real as it gets.  Thought I was having a fucking heart attack tonight.  Really.

you, you, you, you, you, you, you....fuck off.  I almost stabbed about 6 of you today. For real, I carry a knife.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Someone Please Explain This To Me

Ralph Mirabal is fucked. He is a 19 year old kid from South Texas and he has been sentenced to 3 terms of 8 years in prison, to be served consecutively. Thank god they didn't give him the death penalty.

His crime against society?
Dudes a fucking graff head.
24 years in prison for graffiti.

I couldn't find any of his "vandalism" on the great interweb, but Jenn sent me a link to the story. Don't worry - the courtroom was packed with his victims when the prosecutor asked the judge to sentence him to prison time.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that graffiti is fucking awesome, for the most part I really could care less about it. I hate bad graffiti. If you don't know what the fuck you're doing please don't leave your shitty ass tag around town - I'm just going to laugh at you. It really is art, please attempt to be good at it.

Those who exist and execute their chosen "lifestyles" in the periphery are often persecuted for their actions until the mainstream can figure out a way to profit off of them. Even after the mainstream has figured out how to stack those bills, the bullshit continues (as evidenced by Ralph Mirabel). This kid has been sentenced to more years in prison than he's currently been alive. Please find the logic, because I am failing to.

Crackdown on a skateboarder:


Making some money on a skateboarder:

Beautiful street art (that'll get you fined and arrested):
Make sure you're hip and you Do the Dew...cause they're cool and they get it.

Another interesting story I found when digging around about this. Read all about graffiti in the Iraq war.

Thanks Jenn.